The Benefits of Apples

Fruit apples the most widespread in the world, and the many benefits of apples and countless apples, both red apples or green apple benefits for you.

The origin of apples

Spreading apple from Turkey, and Turkey was one of the early apples in different forms all over the world, were discovered in the apples of three hundred BC by Alexander the Great, that very fruit apples On the planet

The nutritional value of apples


Apple has calories and fiber, sugar, protein and fat, too, for you nutritional values ​​of these relationships inside apples by a hundred grams

  • Sugar in all the hundred grams of Apple: 10.39
  • The proportion of dietary fiber in every 100 grams of Apple: 2.4 grams
  • The proportion of carbohydrates in every 100 grams of Apple: 13 grams
  • The proportion of protein in each apple hundred grams: 0.26 g
  • The proportion of fat in every 100 grams of Apple: 0.17 grams
  • Benefits of apples

The benefits of apples are innumerable

The apples contain vitamin A and vitamin (B1, vitamin B2) and vitamin B (5), which is also called (pantothenic acid) and vitamin B-6 and niacin (B3), Vitamin (B9) or so-called (folic acid) and vitamin C and vitamin (all) and vitamin K, which means the Kingdom of apples full of vitamins important for a healthy body

Salts and minerals in the proportions of the benefits of apples

These percentages per hundred grams

  • Calcium: 6 mg per hundred grams equivalent (one percent 1%)
  • Almjneziom: 5 mg per hundred grams equivalent (one per cent 1%)
  • Phosphorus: 11 mg per hundred grams equivalent (two percent 2%)
  • Sodium: 1 mg per hundred grams equivalent (less than one percent 0%)

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  • Iron: 0.12 mg per hundred grams equivalent (one percent 1%)
  • MN: 0.035 mg per hundred grams equivalent (two percent) 2%
  • Potassium: 107 mg per hundred grams equivalent (two percent 2%)
  • Zinc: 0.04 gram equivalent per cent (less than one percent 0%)

The benefits of the skin of the apple

As mentioned earlier, the apple has a (vitamin A) that works on skin lightening and purifying facial spots, if apples are very beneficial to skin health and purity, and the apple between Most skin catches, which in addition to sometimes honey or other components in some other recipes, so keep eating apples with pure skin

The benefits of toothpastes

Benefits Apple does not give too many benefits to dental health, eating an apple a day protects the teeth against decay for apples from the strong anti-bacteria that can infect your teeth, and the apple works to strengthen the gums and Works to regulate cholesterol levels, such as toothpaste naturally Lotion to enjoy whiter and clean teeth.

The benefits of apples to reduce cholesterol in the blood

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Studies have shown that eating the fruit of an apple a day can protect you from heart disease, and to stay eating apples daily reduces blood cholesterol between 8% to 10%, which is a good ratio for You protect against the diseases caused by cholesterol which, during the four months of eating apples regularly can reduce the cholesterol levels have increased by up to 23%, and the lack of cholesterol adds to your health, Hypercholesterolemia is the source of most diseases

Benefits of Apples to Combat Cancer

Do not give up the apple benefits of cancer prevention as well, it says eating the fruit of an apple a day provides you with dietary fiber as your body needs to reduce the proportion of cancer exposure, and fiber Foods also help protect against excess weight, and overweight, they become more vulnerable to susceptible cancer diseases, and apples also contain vitamin C, and do not peel the apple because apple peel contains a large proportion Benefits you can lose if you Ptqchireh but kept a wash of apples before consuming them to avoid chemicals and pesticides that are exposed firm of fruits.

The benefits of apples for diabetics

As we mentioned, the benefits of apples is a decrease in blood cholesterol, which is important for diabetics, it also improves the digestive process dramatically, contains working food to fight fat and digested , And that apple works to promote insulin secretion by the pancreas something It is also important for diabetics, so that eating apples is important for the health of patients with diabetes

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The benefits of apples for the heart

The apple strengthens the heart muscle and help it function properly, it also protects against the hardening of the arteries to prevent leakage of cholesterol, which will protect you against hardening of the arteries that can cause later heart disease, apples Daily intake works to protect the body significantly from the heart and hardening of the arteries disease by a large margin

The benefits of apples for the prevention of constipation

Apple works on the prevention of constipation, especially (Peel apples) because it contains material (pectin), which works to protect you from constipation or diarrhea, apple because it protects against constipation, it protects against Diarrhea too !, As an apple has a large proportion of water, mainly pectin, the substance of which we talked about lies in the Peel apple, so as not to notice beforehand peel the apples

The benefits of the intestinal apple

The apple works to strengthen the process of digestion, which works on the palm of the intestine because it contains apples of “pectin”, one of the dietary fiber useful for the intestines, and pectin material Which enhances the increase in the combustion process and increase significantly, which contributes to intestinal health.

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