Protein Values for Body Builders

Protein shakes and proteins – what really stands behind it!

Protein shakes and proteins – what really stands behind it! The increased demand for macronutrients (carbohydrates, protein, fat, dietary fiber) in athletes can be achieved by an increased dietary intake when they are oriented towards the increased nutrient requirements of the sport and training plan.

More protein for muscle building in bodybuilders.

A balanced diet would be sufficient for the amateur area in most cases, but who is already eating so well balanced or directed his food so specially after the training – the few!

In addition, there are reliable tests which confirm that optimal high-quality proteins must be available as early as possible after training (source). This is often not possible with a normal diet for organizational reasons. The solution seems to be food supplements!


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The protein shake is the classic in the fitness area. The question that many ask is:

What does the protein whip really do?

In the meantime, sufficient investigations have been carried out, which clearly show a greater muscle-building effect with the addition of high-quality proteins (whey, casein, soy) (sources: Phillips 2009, Hartmann 2007, Cripp 2007, Andersen 2005). Especially immediately after the training it is important to provide the body with proteins which have a high biological value. The biological value is a quality criterion and indicates how efficiently a food protein can be converted into body-specific protein. The higher the number, the better. The more nutrient amino acids (protein building blocks, which the organism cannot produce itself) contains the protein, the higher the quality. You can find an overview of the protein types below.

Another advantage of protein shakes is that they contain very little fat and normal foods that contain many proteins usually have a high fat content.


Proteins and protein shakes support muscle building
They offer simple, easy-to-use protein supply immediately before or after training
Low protein protein supply
Protein excess is completely harmless
Here is an overview of the most important and famous protein species found in protein shakes:

Whey protein

Optimal immediately after training!

With 104 the highest biological value of all proteins Regeneration-promoting, since it contains a particularly high content of branched amino acid chains (valine, leucine and isoleucine), which make up about one third of the muscle protein. Especially after the training, large amounts of these 3 amino acids are needed.


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By rapid absorption of the whey protein in the gastrointestinal tract it causes on the one hand a rapid muscle build-up and on the other hand does not lead to an unpleasant feeling of bloating or digestion, as is often the case with other protein shakes.

Also suitable for lactose intolerance

Ideal protein shake for the evening to ensure a constant supply of amino acids over night

By delayed digestion and thus uniform absorption, casein best prevents muscle breakdown. In immobilization after injuries or in dietary phases.

Favorable with diets due to high saturation

Unfavorable milk sugar content 4-10% for lactose intolerance

High proportion of L-glutamine = particularly important amino acid for muscle building

Soy protein isolate

Pure vegetable protein (BW = 80)

High proportion of L-glutamine = particularly important amino acid for muscle building

Good compatibility and low fat content.

Caution: soy protein concentrate = high fat content + poor compatibility!

Milk Protein Isolate

If you do not take any protein supplements, the optimal post-workout shake! Covers a short-term and long-term need in a balanced relationship.

80% of casein and 20% of whey protein

Combines the beneficial properties of whey and casein

Good (1% milk sugar content)

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