Pre Workout Nutrition – Power for the workout!

When should you take the last meal before the workout?

Training on a full stomach is not ideal. After a heavy and sumptuous meal, you should wait for about 4 hours of training. After a light meal or a snack you can start after 1-2 hours. If you want to exercise in the morning after getting up, you should only drink liquid food. Fresh O juice or protein energy shake, possibly with slightly digestible to you take e.g. Fruit. So you can start after 20-30 minutes.


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What is the optimal diet before exercise?

If you only train endurance, you should take a carbohydrate-rich diet 2-3 hours before you, e.g. Noodles, rice, potatoes … So you have an optimal energy supply during the training. Also, the intake of rapidly available carbohydrates such as fruit sugar and dextrose (e.g., in fruit juices or glucose), about 30-40 minutes before a long unit, can improve your performance! In combination with proteins or amino acids, the carbohydrate-enhancing effect is again increased by 30% (Res et al., 2003)!

If you want to do strength training, you should also take a lot of proteins and / or proteins besides the carbohydrates, e.g. Meat, fish or cheese with low fat content.


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What is the ideal dietary supplement?


High quality proteins and dextrose (glucose)

1 hour before exercise, a milk protein isolate protein shake is the best, because it is a perfect mixture of two high-quality proteins: the fast, whey protein, which is available after approximately 1 hour in the blood and the casein protein Slower and more uniform. 0.5g Milk Protein Isolate Per kilogram of body weight are ideal. Thus, a good depot of amino acids is available to the muscles, both at the beginning of the workout and at the end.

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