Muscle Building Tip – Watch your body type!

You want to build muscle mass in your workout, do not really get closer to your goal or are you starting with the training plan?

No problem!

We are starting today our muscle building special. A total of 10 basic rules for muscle building, every day a new article! No matter if you are a beginner or an advanced player, you will find the most important tips for building muscle as quickly and effectively as possible!

Tip: Watch your body type!

Depending on the genetic predisposition, one differentiates between three body types: meso-, endo- or ectomorphic. Rare is, however, a completely pure type, but at least features of two types.


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This results in various consequences for the training and nutrition to achieve an effective muscle mass gain (Boyle 2009). Find out which type and which are most similar to each other and follow the respective advice!

Ectomorph (= inclination to slenderness)

For a strong ectomorphic type, muscle growth is the most difficult and slowest. A gain of 3 kg per year of pure muscle mass is already a very good value. As a training, only force training should be planned, if possible with longer periods of rest, at least 2 days between the training units. This type achieves the best results with the HIT method (High Intensity Training). It should be dispensed with completely, as it hinders muscle growth.

Nutrition is extremely important! Without a significantly higher caloric intake, it will not achieve any success, eat more; about 2 hours before the workout and protein-rich diet immediately after the workout is ideal.

Mesomorph (= inclination to muscularity)

A mesomorphic type develops muscle mass easily and quickly. 6 kg of muscle gain in the first year is quite possible. However, one-sided training quickly leads to a very uneven proportion. The focus here must be on balance. A whole body training to avoid imbalances. As a mesomorphic type, your body is well tolerated by long training sessions with short breaks and will gain muscle mass by almost every training method. A balanced diet is adequate.


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Endomorph (= tendency to obesity)

The endomorphic type rapidly develops muscle mass, but at the same time also rapidly builds up fat. The training program should be a volume-oriented multi-task training and be combined with a lasting training. Endurance should ideally be trained in the form of a high-intensity interval training (HIIT), since it is the least obstacle to muscle building.

The diet is very important in this type. A ballast-rich mixed food is here the medium of choice. This body type also responds well to low-carb (dietary change to less carbohydrates).

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