Humpback? Attention, upper body training!

In the fitness training one often sees the phenomenon: the more muscular the upper body, the more it seems as if these persons had a roundabout. Responsible for this is a one-sided training plan and the resulting muscular imbalance: the chest muscles are usually not trained in the right proportion to the back. As a result, the shoulders are pulled forward and it comes to a ridge.

Who goes to the gym and wants to make something for his optics, often trains to one-sided. Breasts, shoulders, biceps, triceps and abdomen are the preferred trained muscles. For good conscience and because it is on everyone’s lips, an exercise for the back is taken, mostly lat pull, but this is not an exercise-enhancing exercise. The chest is often trained with two bench presses and Butterfly, but no exercise (Butterfly Reverse and Rowing) is included in the training plan.

Humpback? Attention, upper body training!

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Such a training plan inevitably leads to a backdrop. If, in addition, work is then carried out overhead, trained appropriately, or an overhead sport, e.g. Volleyball, is also expected with creeping shoulder pain during arm movements over 90 degrees.

In the training planning, care should be taken to always train the opponents of the muscles to the same extent. Also important are the strengths of the opposite muscles – both for health and good posture. If the shoulders are pulled back and the back is erect, the chest is bigger, the attitude overall proud and the look also better!

To avoid a training-related back and shoulder pain, plan your workout according to the following principles:

Exercise the exercise for each exercise!

e.g. Butterfly / Reverse Butterfly … Bench Pressing / Rowing more examples

  • Move the same weight when pulling the lathe!
  • Move the Butterfly 60% of the Butterfly!
  • Move 80% of the weight of the bench!

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