Healthy Olive Oil Benefits

Olives are one from the best natural foods for different sicknesses, no on can deny it. Olives & Olive oil; both are used for eyes, muscles, stomach, hair, dryness, sexual health and many others. We tried to sum up some of the Olive Oil Benefits.


Top quality

  • – Extra virgin olive oil best comes from Haly, Spain, Portugal and Greece
  • – Olive oil comes from the juice of olives which is a fruit
  • – Olive consists of three parts the skin,pit and pulp and contains 70% juices which is of oil and water

Healthy Olive Oil Benefits

Olive oil a healthy choice of cooking

Olive oil is the natural extraction of oil from olives

  • – It contains saturated and monosaturated fats 24% is saturated fat and 73% is monosaturated fat which is oleic acid
  • – Oleic acidis helpful in reduces blood pressure and protects cells from free redical damage
  • – It is also helpful in orevention of type 2-diabetes and have useful effects on genes linked to cancer
  • – olive oil extra-virgin is a healthy choice for cooking


Powerful Antioxidants in olive oil

Olive oil contains moderate amount of vitamin E and K but olive oil also contains antioxidants which are biologically active. Antioxidants play an important role in maintaining good health because it destroys free radical, which can cause a wide range of illness


Olive oil prevents obesity and helps in maintaining weight

  • – Studies suggest that consuming olive oil in considerable amount does not have any link with weight gain
  • – Mediterranean people have dietary pattern rich in olive oil and have favourable effects on body weight
  • – Olive oil contains fats which is monsaturated and have beneficial effects on body.So if we consume olive oil it will not be the reason of weight gain rather it will helps in maintaining weight


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Olive oil lowers high cholesterol

  • – Olive oil is preventive against heart disease
  • – Extra virgin oil protects against heart disease
  • – People who have diets high in olive oil have less cardiovascular diseases
  • – Olive oil contains monosaturated fat which lowers bad cholesterol (LDL) and raise good cholesterol (HDL).These monosaturated fats also lower triglycerides.
  • – Olive oil the risk of type 2- Diabetes
  • – Ingesting monosaturated fats ( the type of fats found in olive oil) has favourable effects on insulin sensitivity and is likely to reduce risk of type 2-diabetes
  • – Carbohydrates raise the blood sugar level by providing glucose, fats present in olive oil help to maintain blood sugar levels and regulate

Effects of olive oil on skin

olive oil contains vitamins E and K antioxidants it can hydrate skin and speed up wound healing and make immune system strong to fight against infections.

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